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Howard/Dias Family Memorial Service 7/31

Dear JLS families:

In response to the tragic deaths of our dear friends, Ana-Maria, Robert, Sam and Nica, their family here in the Bay Area would like to invite you to a Memorial Celebration to be held this Sunday, 7/31 at 3pm at El Carmelo Elementary School. Please walk or bike to El Carmelo, if you are able, as parking is limited.

The Howards’ extended family has posted ways to volunteer for this event on the website they’ve created: You are also welcome to add your thoughts and expressions of love to the many already posted; the family appreciates these so much.

I have been in communication with KARA, the local grief-counseling organization, as well as our site ACS Coordinator and will be working with them to determine ways to support kids and adults in processing this tragedy. In the meantime, please feel free to call upon these organizations for their services if you feel the need. KARA’s phone number is 321-5272 and ACS resources can be found at

The outpouring of love for the Howard/Dias family has been tremendous. It is important that we have ways to express our grief together. I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it to the memorial.

Take care,

Sharon Ofek