Panther Camp 2012 (Current 7th Grade Students and Parents)

Panther Camp 2012, our orientation program that helps 6th graders transition to middle school, will take place at the beginning of school next year.  We are beginning our selection of the students who will be counselors for Panther Camp.

Panther Camp Counselors will serve as mentors to the incoming 6th graders and will be in a position of leadership and responsibility. Current 7th grade students who are applying are asked to demonstrate and explain their positive leadership qualities. When selecting the Panther Camp Counselors these qualities, as well as three specific school related areas: Academic, Behavioral, and Attendance will be considered. The Panther Camp Counselor application will be available on the JLS website in March and selections will be made in April. Students who are selected must attend a MANDATORY Panther Camp Counselor training on August 8th from 8:00 – 2:00p.  Students and parents, please √ check your summer calendars and save this date! Participation in the August 8th training is a firm requirement for Panther Camp Counselors; unfortunately, we are not able to make exceptions. This is also the date of the JLS Jump Start Day; Panther Camp Counselors will be able to attend Jump Start Day.

Download Application Here (pdf)