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JLS Dance and Halloween Considerations

Hello JLS Families!

I hope your child is aware of our upcoming school dance on Friday, October 29.  Only current JLS students are invited to participate (no guests allowed).

Time: 7:00-9:00 PM for 6th and 7th graders, 7:00-9:30 PM for 8th graders
Location: (Outdoors) JLS Blacktop Area, near Cafetorium
Tickets: $5 can be purchased Monday through Thursday at JLS during Lunch, or $10 on Friday at Lunch and at the door.
Student IDs: All students must bring their JLS student ID.  
Phones: Students will check their cell-phones prior to entering the dance areas. (There will be a coat/phone check.)
Attire: Students MUST wear regular COVID Masks at all times, properly covering their nose and mouth. Students may choose to wear costumes, but no Halloween masks are allowed.  Weapons, such as guns, knives, light sabers, etc. are not allowed.

I would like to offer some thoughts and questions about choosing a costume. 

  • Is it school appropriate, free of gore, and/or weapons (including fake)? 
  • Is it a costume based on a community or culture you don’t identify with?  
  • Do you understand the cultural and historical significance behind the costume?  

As we continue our Equity work, we encourage families to consider these thoughts and questions when you (and your child) are selecting costumes.  The questions above should lead to conversations about “cultural appropriation.”  Cultural appropriation is defined as, “co-opting, or the adoption of, usually without acknowledgement, of cultural identity markers, associated with or originating in minority communities by people or communities with a relatively privileged status.”  Halloween costumes can often include harmful stereotypes of marginalized people.  I invite you and your family to watch the linked video and I hope it offers some food for thought around Halloween costumes that you choose this year.  

For more information, please consider exploring these additional resources:
NPR • Cultural Appropriation on Halloween
#IAmNotACostume • Laurier Students' Public Interest Research Group 
Letter Home on Costumes
Can Kids Wear That? • National Geographic

Thank you for keeping the JLS community safe, inclusive, and respectful of everyone.

Take care,

Chris Grierson
JLS Principal

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