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Sep 10 - JLS Students will dress for PE starting Monday, September 20!

Dear JLS Families,

As we look forward to using the JLS Gym and Locker Rooms soon, we need your help making sure all students are prepared to dress for PE classes.  We are planning to begin “dressing out” on Monday, September 20, 2021.  

JLS PE Clothes: 
All JLS students will need PE clothes in addition to their regular clothes that they wear to school each day.  Families can purchase JLS PE uniforms or provide their own clothes from home, as long as they wear navy blue items.  Students can also use their older sibling’s PE uniform from previous years.

The PE Uniform includes the following items:

  • Shirt: Navy blue JLS PE shirt, or a navy blue shirt of their own.
  • Shorts: Navy blue JLS PE shorts, or navy blue shorts of their own.
  • Shoes: Athletic shoes; no flip flops or sandals allowed.  

Process for Purchasing PE Uniform: 
PE Uniforms are available in two ways: (1) purchase online, or (2) purchase in-person:

1.  Online Purchase: Please refer to the Back To School Welcome Message from the beginning of the year if you did not already order your child’s PE clothes from the Back-To-School Forms in August. 

  • If you ordered a uniform but didn’t send in payment, please drop off a check or cash in the JLS Office by Tuesday, September 14.
  • Contact Karen McKinlay if you do not know the status of your order. 

2. In-Person Purchase: Please print and fill out the Purchase Form. Include your check or cash and have your child return the completed form to Karen McKinlay, Budget Secretary, or to their PE teacher during uniform distribution days (Thursday, September 16 and Friday, September 17).

Locks for PE Lockers: 
Every JLS student will use a PE locker in the locker room. Students (8th graders) who already have a lock, please bring it. Students who need a lock will be given a school-issued, gold combination lock for their PE locker. These gold combination locks are loaned to students until the end of their 8th grade year.

We are looking forward to using our school’s locker rooms, gymnasium and other PE classrooms with students soon.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you,

The JLS PE Department:
Ericka Berkson (
Jake Defrancesco (
Mike Ferolino (
Justin Halas (
Mike Harris (
Amanda Holmquist (