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Sep 7 - Quick JLS Reminders for this week

Hello JLS Families!  

There are many things happening this week that I wanted you to be aware of. Please remind your JLS student to being their school-issued Chromebook or MacBook tomorrow with headphones (earbuds) for the uPAR Reading Assessment.  If your child needs headphones, we will provide them. 

uPAR Reading Assessment - PRIME - Wednesday, September 8
In addition to the Every Student Reads Initiative focusing on early literacy, all five secondary schools continue to explore and expand support for struggling readers in the upper grades. To provide teachers with insights about the literacy needs of their students, grades 6-12 will complete the Universal Protocol for Reading Accommodations (uPAR) in the coming weeks.

The uPAR protocol is a screener that evaluates a student’s reading and determines if a reading accommodation would help students to better access the curriculum. Students independently read a passage silently to determine their reading level and comprehension skills. Next, they read a passage accompanied by a human-audio voice and then a computer-generated voice to determine the effect on reading level and comprehension with these two types of interventions.

Teachers will use the information to make adjustments to their teaching and to support student learning. The information will also help students determine where they might need to develop their literacy skills during this school year.  This screening assessment will not impact students' grades or English placement. Students will need to bring headphones and their fully charged school computer on Wednesday.  (We will send reminders on Tuesday too).

JLS Homework Habitat - OPEN Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! 
Homework Habitat is an after-school program that takes place in the JLS Library at 2:45-4:15 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 3:30-5:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This program is staffed by JLS teachers and aides and is open to every JLS student who would like a quiet place to work on their Homework after school.

After school transportation stops and estimated drop off time included below. Students will need to check in at the start of each Homework Habitat session and confirm if they are planning to ride the bus. See the schedule.

Ongoing Asymptomatic COVID Testing Clinics - THURSDAYS at JLS
In partnership with Predicine Labs, we will be providing on-site COVID-19 testing throughout designated school days. Elementary students will use an oral swab, while older students and staff will use a nasal swab. Students and staff who want to participate, will need to have a completed Test Requisition Form (TRF).  Please note, this week, families must have the completed TRF form prior to testing and have the form with them in order to participate. Additional paper forms will be located in the front of the school and can be completed prior to the student coming onto campus.  Clinic will be available to staff & students before school, at brunch, lunch, and after school.  

For anyone who did not participate in on-site testing this week, regardless if they’ve done a take-home test before, they will need to complete the long form to participate in one of our on-site COVID testing clinics.

For anyone who has already participated in an on-site testing clinic, moving forward they will only need to complete the short form  on days they want to participate in our on-site testing clinics.

Want more information?  
There is always a lot happening on and around our campus.  Last Friday morning, we had about 120 parents join our Community Zoom to hear about JLS-related news. Here is the slide deck.  A recording of the Zoom call will be posted on the JLS website this week.

Reach out to us if you have questions!  
If you (or your student) has any questions, please reach out to any member of our staff team anytime.  Below are the names and contact information of our Administrators and Counselors - we are here to help you!

Thank you, 

Chris Grierson, JLS Principal (

Additional Contact Information:
Carol Cannon, JLS Health Technician (
Donna Hankins, 6th Grade Counselor (
Arvind Arya, 7th Grade Counselor (
Adriana Flores-Ragade, 8th Grade Counselor (
Kim Lohse, 6th Grade Administrator (
Jeff Downing, 7th Grade Administrator (
Hanisi Accetta, 8th Grade Administrator (