Title Email Phone Department Position
Kerri Abdinoor kabdinoor@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5020 Special Education Teacher
Hanisi Accetta haccetta@pausd.org (650) 856-5181 Administration Dean of Students
Michael Ambrose mambrose@pausd.org (650) 856-5132 Librarian
Robin (Young) Ames ryoung@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5202 Science Teacher
Arvind Arya aarya@pausd.org (650) 856-5129 Counseling Counselor
Noel Berghout nberghout@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5672 Mathematics, Science Teacher
Fred Berghout fberghout@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5318 Science Teacher
Ericka Berkson eberkson@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5752 Physical Education Teacher, IL
Mikaela Bettencourt mbettencourt@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6673 English Language Arts, History/Social Studies Teacher
Gerri Bibat gbibat@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6325 English Language Arts Teacher
Margaret Billin mbillin@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5736 Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Jamey Boccio jboccio@pausd.org (650) 856-5179 Front Office Attendance
Denise Boggs dboggs@pausd.org (650) 856-5112 Food Service Supervisor
Jeff Boland jboland@pausd.org English Language Arts Teacher
Erik Bowman ebowman@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5414 Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Carol Cannon ccannon@pausd.org (650) 856-5178 Front Office Health Technician
Jenny Chin jchin@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5913 Special Education Teacher, IL
Julia Choi juchoi@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6921 Career & Technical Education Teacher
Karen Christenson kchristenson@pausd.org (650) 856-5188 Front Office Front Office Secretary
Wendy Chu wchu@pausd.org Special Education Speech and Language Pathologist
Monica Clark moclark@pausd.org Special Education Education Specialist
Greg Clifton gclifton@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5660 History/Social Studies Teacher
Jennifer Coluzzi jcoluzzi@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6175 English Language Arts Teacher, IL
LeeAnn Constant lconstant@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5865 History/Social Studies, Mathematics Teacher
Natalie Costa ncosta@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5921 Physical Education Teacher
Kim Cowell kcowell@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5277 Special Education Teacher
Elizabeth Darby edarby@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5246 Electives Teacher
David DeAmicis ddeamicis@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5096 Physical Education Teacher
Jesse Denny jdenny@pausd.org Electives, Visual & Performing Arts
Tracy Devers tdevers@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5012 World Languages Teacher
Sue Duffek sduffek@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5070 Mathematics Teacher
Hayley Dupuy hdupuy@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5197 English Language Arts, History/Social Studies Teacher
Laura Easton leaston@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6790 Mathematics, Science Teacher
Brittany Erwin berwin@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6056 Special Education Teacher
Elizabeth Fee efee@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6480 Mathematics Teacher, IL
Mike Ferolino mferolino@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5485 Physical Education Teacher
Angelina Fitzhugh afitzhugh@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5664 Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Karin Forssell kforssell@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5185 Technology TOSA
Samuel Franco Fewell sfrancofewell@pausd.org Library Assistant
Kate Franklin kfranklin@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6171 Mathematics Teacher
Frank Gonzales fgonzales@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5935 IT Support
Edgar Gonzalez edgonzalez@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5323 Campus Supervisor
Chris Grierson cgrierson@pausd.org (650) 856-5188 Administration Principal
Andrea Gruner agruner@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5900 World Languages Teacher
Justin Halas juhalas@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6179 Physical Education Teacher
Erin Harrigan eharrigan@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5741 English Language Learning Teacher
Michael Harris mharris@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6924 Physical Education Teacher
Molly Hawkinson mhawkinson@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6923 Mathematics Teacher
Amanda Holmquist aholmquist@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6106 Physical Education Teacher
Tom Jacoubowsky tjacoubowsky@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 3351 AVID, History/Social Studies Teacher, AVID Coordinator
Renee Johnson rjohnson@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5425 English Language Arts Teacher
Kerri Jung kjung@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6926 English Language Arts, History/Social Studies Teacher
Michelle Junod mjunod@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6819 Mathematics, Science Teacher
Jacqui Kandell jkandell@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5571 World Languages Teacher
Francisco Lacayo flacayo@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6413 History/Social Studies Teacher
Liz Lewis elewis@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5687 English Language Arts, History/Social Studies Teacher
Stephanie Ling sling@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5767 Mathematics Teacher
Kim Lohse klohse@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6000 English Language Arts, Electives Teacher
Ashley Lucey alucey@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6485 English Language Arts, Science Teacher
Judy Lukensmeyer jlukensmeyer@pausd.org 6508565155 Front Office Principal's Secretary
Linda (Qin Qing) Luo qluo@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6483 Science Teacher, IL
Diane Luu dluu@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5893 Mathematics, Science Teacher
Kevin Lynch klynch@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5492 Science Teacher
Christina MacMillan cmacmillan@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5894 Mathematics, Science Teacher
Chris Mahle cmahle@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6581 Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Shawn McGinn smcginn@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5066 Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Karen McKinlay kmckinlay@pausd.org (650) 856-5187 Front Office Budget Secretary
Jim Meininger jmeininger@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5922 English Language Arts, History/Social Studies Teacher
Mary Melnick mmelnick@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6676 Science Teacher
Ellie Messinger‑Adams emessinger@pausd.org 6508565174 Counseling, Connections Counselor
Kevin Miske kmiske@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5907 Career & Technical Education Teacher
Tracey Mumford tmumford@pausd.org Electives, Visual & Performing Arts Teacher
Adam Nelson anelson@pausd.org 6508565180 Administration Assistant Principal
Jenifer Nevels jnevels@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5966 English Language Arts, History/Social Studies Teacher
Kari Nygaard knygaard@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5953 English Language Arts Teacher
Susie O'Neill soneill@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5194 Career & Technical Education Teacher
Tammy Parke tparke@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5518 Science Teacher
Allan Pascual apascual@pausd.org (650) 444-7140 Custodial Supervisor
Arianne Piedrahita apiedrahita@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6274 Mathematics, Science Teacher
Greg Rice grice@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5587 Science Teacher
Michael Ridgway mridgway@pausd.org (650) 856-5164 Front Office CASSY
Charlene Ronne cronne@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6095 History/Social Studies Teacher
Alex Salzmann asalzmann@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6292 AVID, Electives, Career & Technical Education Teacher
Noriyo Salzmann nsalzmann@pausd.org Electives, World Languages Teacher
Elli Sandis esandis@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6943 English Language Arts, English Language Learning Teacher
Joan Scherer jscherer@pausd.org 6508565182 Counseling Guidance Secretary
Katie Schramm kschramm@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5870 English Language Arts, History/Social Studies Teacher
Megan Shelby mshelby@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6484 History/Social Studies Teacher, IL
Amy Sheward asheward@pausd.org 6508565186 Administration Assistant Principal
Steven Shirley sshirley@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 6469 Mathematics Teacher
James Sperry jsperry@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 5114 Mathematics Teacher, Technology TOSA
Amy Stock astock@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5501 Mathematics Teacher
Dave Tomatis dtomatis@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5595 History/Social Studies Teacher
Darren Torre dtorre@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6203 Special Education Teacher
Ko Vue kvue@pausd.org 6508565175 Counseling Counselor
Sirina Warfel swarfel@pausd.org (650) 856-5183 Counseling Mental Health Therapist
Megan Warter mwarter@pausd.org 6508565166 Counseling Psychologist
Maureen Willis mwillis@pausd.org 6508565188ext. 5504 Career & Technical Education Teacher
Joe Yribarren ryribarren@pausd.org (650) 856-5188ext. 6470 English Language Arts, Mathematics Teacher
Esteban Zacarias ezacarias@pausd.org (650) 856-5177 Front Office Data Secretary