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Happy PiE Day!!

Happy PiE Day!!

Dear JLS Families,

PiE Day is TODAY!  We have our band playing this morning, and many students and families are reminding our community of the Challenge Grant happening now!

Donations to Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE) helps to create the vibrant learning community we value so greatly at JLS. PiE donations fund diverse elective courses that provide opportunities for exploration and skill development. Our students can take courses in visual and performing arts, science, and technology to get an introduction to a variety of careers and skills, helping them identify a new field of interest or dive deeper into one they already love. PiE’s funding of guidance counseling and wellness increases our ability to foster social-emotional development in our students. If you have already donated to PiE this year, I appreciate your support. If you have not, I ask you to please consider making a donation now. If you donate or pledge by November 14th, your donation may be matched by a Challenge Grant. A donation, in any amount that is meaningful for your family, makes a difference to our community and our school. You can find out all the ways to make a contribution on PiE's website at

Thank you for being a wonderful member of the JLS community. Warm Regards, Chris Grierson, JLS Principal (