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Last Week Reminders for Students & Families

Hello JLS Families, It's hard to believe the end of the school year is nearly here!  With so much happening, I wanted you to have a few key reminders at the top of your Inbox, along with our special bell schedule.  

  • First, if you haven't already done so, please remind your child to turn in missing assignments, textbooks (and laptops/Chromebooks for 8th graders).
  • Second, JLS students will be receiving their 2021-22 Yearbook tomorrow morning if they have turned in all textbooks.  If their Yearbook is held, they will likely need to check in with one of their teachers.
  • Lastly, this week is about celebrating our accomplishments and honoring the work of our 8th grade students.  We are all looking forward to our Promotion Ceremony on Thursday, and our traditional Promotion Party afterwards.  We are still seeking volunteers to help us with this event, if you are interested, please sign up below!

Some special requests and reminders from the JLS PTA: PLEASE consider volunteering to help with the Promotion Party (parents of ALL grades are encouraged -- especially 7th grade parents). Here is the sign up link. We especially need help THURSDAY afternoon and evening during the ceremony (so 8th grade parents can watch the ceremony). Please check out the YELLOW shaded section below for Grade Specific Information. 6th Grade Parents Information:

  • There is a fun 6th Grade Field Day planned for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1. There are still some opportunities to help - and see your students enjoy the end of 6th grade! Sign up here.

7th Grade Parents Information:

  • Please sign up to help with the 8th Grade Promotion Party - especially Thursday afternoon and evening! Sign up here.

8th Grade Parents Information:

  • Promotion Party Volunteers are needed - sign up here.
  • Safe Routes to High School maps (also found here) will be given to 8th graders during their PRIME class. Please watch this presentation with your student for additional information & resources.

JLS Promotion Party Information: The promotion party will directly follow the ceremony. After the ceremony, take pictures and celebrate with your student. Then the students will make their way over to the Party check in (it'll be clearly marked at the side of the gym). A few details:

  • The gym locker room will be open if students wish to change into more casual clothes.
  • Per all dance rules, students will check their phones in at the start of the dance.
  • Once checked in, students will not be able to leave early.
  • The students will keep dancing, playing and eating right up till 9:30pm. 
  • The dance will be held in the Cafetorium -- the ventilation protocols put into place due to Covid-19 will be in effect and the number of people inside Caf will be below the capacity allowed.
  • Eating, games and activities will be held outside; students will be able to move freely throughout the party areas.

Thank you for your supportive efforts this week.  We especially appreciate your help keeping everyone calm, being kind and staying responsible.  If you have any questions, please reach out to any member of our staff team.   If I don’t see you before the end of the school year, I wish you and your family a safe and relaxing summer!   Warm regards,   Chris Grierson, JLS Principal ( Additional Contact Information: Donna Hankins, 6th Grade Counselor ( Kim Lohse, 6th Grade Administrator ( Arvind Arya, 7th Grade Counselor ( Jeff Downing, 7th Grade Administrator ( Adriana Flores-Ragade, 8th Grade Counselor ( Hanisi Accetta, 8th Grade Administrator ( Carol Cannon, JLS Health Tech ( Jamey Boccio, JLS Attendance Secretary (