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Sept 7 - Safety Drill Update

Hello JLS Families, I wanted you to know that today, around 2:00 PM, we had our annual Lockdown Drill.  Every public school is required to practice Earthquake, Fire, and Lockdown drills in order to promote safety for all students and staff members. Last Wednesday, JLS staff members were trained on how to respond in the event of lockdown.   This morning, Mrs. Accetta was on KJLS to explain our Lockdown Drill’s procedures.   

This afternoon, all JLS students and staff practiced staying calm and quiet, securing classrooms and hiding from a potential intruder.  Our entire Lockdown drill lasted about 12 minutes, and from our perspective, it went well. All classes were very quiet and properly secured when checked, and everyone got to think about how they would react in the event of a real emergency. 

If you have questions, I suggest you ask your child how this drill went from their perspective.  

Thank you for your help maintaining safety in our community.

Take care,

Chris Grierson, JLS Principal (


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