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There is often congestion on East Meadow and the school driveway at peak hours.  Plan time for your school commute so you won’t feel rushed, enabling you to share the road safely.  Please follow these safety guidelines to ensure the safety of all students.

  • Slow down and use extra caution in school zones and along commute routes! Signal your turns and yield to pedestrians.
  • Carpool with a neighbor to reduce congestion around the school
  • Allow time to avoid the last minute rush
  • Obey adult crossing guards
  • Obey the “No Right Turn on Red” signs posted at designated school intersections to allow students to cross safely
  • Don’t make U-turns and other unsafe maneuvers that put other road users at risk.
  • When dropping off or picking up your student, follow school guidelines and always ensure that he/she exits or enters the car from the curb side.
  • Never double park, block access ramps or stop where prohibited.
  • Avoid texting, phone calls and other distractions when driving.

Parking and Drop-off Procedures


  • Waverley driveway parking spaces are reserved exclusively for JLS staff parking.
  • Parents dropping off and picking up students should come down the driveway to the visitor parking lot toward the rear of the school. Please follow the arrows in the parking lot and drop students off curb-side in the loading zone.
  • Do not park or stop in the driveway to drop off or pick up students before and after school.
  • Using these staff parking spots to quickly pull in and drop off students creates hazards and bottlenecks, endangering and inconveniencing others.


  • There is a special “loading zone” designated in front of the school on East Meadow Drive.
  • Do not double park or make illegal U-turns.
  • If your student is not ready to load or disembark, please find a legal parking place outside the loading zone.
  • Do not leave your car in the loading zone.


  • No student drop-offs here.
  • The driveway between JLS and Fairmeadow is restricted and is only used for the drop off and pick up of Special Education busses and Food Service vehicles.


  • Mitchell Park is an alternative drop-off or pick-up location for JLS students.
  • Parking is available near the Clubhouse and bathrooms.
  • When dropping off your student, please make sure your students exits the car curb-side and doesn’t walk across the parking lot.
  • Watch out for bicyclists and share the road carefully.
  • You may also enter the Mitchell Park complex from Mayview Ave.


  • DO NOT make a left turn to enter the JLS driveway when driving from the Middlefield direction.  
  • Please continue straight on East Meadow through the Waverley intersection, make a right on South Court, and make your next right and then right on Waverley for the straight-in approach.
  • Turning left into the JLS driveway will tie up traffic in the intersection and cars will illegally pass you, encroaching into the bike lane, endangering cyclists and pedestrians.

General Driving Safety

Be sure to observe ALL traffic signs near the school.

  • The Palo Alto Police Department regularly patrols this area and parents have received tickets for the following offenses: speeding, illegal U-turns, use of the red zone, blocking bike paths, passing on the right inside the bike lane, failure to yield to pedestrians and failure to obey the crossing guards.
  • Keep clear of red zones (do not park or drive through red zones).
  • Use designated loading areas on East Meadow, and pull as far forward as possible.
  • Do not enter or use the Fairmeadow driveway to drop off or pick up students.
  • Do not double park.

PLEASE MODEL SAFE BEHAVIOR – Your future driver is watching and learning.

Nearby Drop Off OptionsTo Reduce Congestion

  • Dropping your student off nearby and walking part of the way to school is a great way to avoid East Meadow and campus congestion AND get some exercise!
  • Walking routes from neighborhoods near campus can be found on the Walk and Roll Map.  
  • Take the ½-mile challenge by dropping off a half mile away so your student can start the day with healthy exercise.