Teachers 2019-2020

Name E-mail Phone Courses
Fred Berghout fberghout@pausd.org 856-5188 x5318 Teacher Science 8, Marine Biology
Margaret Billin mbillin@pausd.org 856-5188 x5736 Teacher Band
Erik Bowman ebowman@pausd.org 856-5188 x5414 Teacher Art
Julia Choi juchoi@pausd.org 856-5188 x6921 Teacher Video Production, KJLS Broadcast, Multimedia Art, Yearbook
Elizabeth Darby edarby@pausd.org 856-5188 x5246 Teacher Public Speaking, Wheel 6
Tracy Devers tdevers@pausd.org 856-5188 x5012 Teacher Spanish
Angelina Fitzhugh afitzhugh@pausd.org 856-5188 x5664 Teacher Choir
Andrea Gruner agruner@pausd.org 856-5188 x5900 Teacher Spanish
Michael Harris mharris@pausd.org 856-5188 x6924 Teacher Phys Ed 8, Leadership
Jacqui Kandell jkandell@pausd.org 856-5188 x5571 Teacher French
Kim Lohse klohse@pausd.org 856-5188 x6000 Teacher English 7, Creative Writing
Chris Mahle cmahle@pausd.org 856-5188 x6581 Teacher Drama
Saki Matayoshi smatayoshi@pausd.org 856-5188 x6838 Teacher Japanese
Shawn McGinn smcginn@pausd.org 856-5188 x5066 Teacher Band
Kevin Miske kmiske@pausd.org 856-5188 x5907 Teacher Industrial Tech
Tracy Mumford tmumford@pausd.org 856-5188  Teacher Orchestra
Susie O'Neill soneill@pausd.org 856-5188 x5194 Teacher Family & Consumer Sciences
Alex Salzmann asalzmann@pausd.org 856-5188 x6292 Teacher Design & Technology Studio
Noriyo Salzmann nsalzmann@pausd.org 856-5188  Teacher Japanese
Maureen Willis mwillis@pausd.org 856-5188 x5504 Teacher Keyboarding, Computer Programming, Web Design

The 6th Grade Exploratory Wheel/PE/Music

Sixth grade students leave their core teachers for two periods per day.  During these two periods, students fulfill the required Physical Education requirements from the state and explore the rich elective program here at JLS.

Exploratory Wheel: During one period, 6th-grade students sample courses in each of these areas, rotating through in five week blocks: Industrial Technology, Drama, Language Transfer, Computer Applications, Art, and Home Economics.

Physical Education/Music: During one period, 6th grade students spend alternate days in Physical Education and Music. The choices in Music include Beginning Woodwinds and Brass, Choir, and continuing instruction in String Orchestra or Band. Students are encouraged to continue with the instrument they started in the 5th grade. In P.E., the students are exposed to a wide variety of activities with the focus on skill development.

7th and 8th Grade Electives

A wide range of elective courses is offered at JLS, both year-long and semester-long, to 7th and 8th graders. For descriptions of all the current offerings, see the course catalog.