Teachers 2019-2020

Name E-mail Phone Courses
Ericka Berkson eberkson@pausd.org 856-5188 x5752 Teacher Phys Ed 6, 7, Instructional Lead
Natalie Costa ncosta@pausd.org 856-5188 x5921 Teacher Phys Ed 6, 7
David DeAmicis ddeamicis@pausd.org 856-5188 x5096 Teacher Phys Ed 7
Mike Ferolino mferolino@pausd.org 856-5188 x5485 Teacher Phys Ed 6, 8
Justin Halas juhalas@pausd.org 856-5188 x6179 Teacher Phys Ed 6, 8
Michael Harris mharris@pausd.org 856-5188 x6924 Teacher Phys Ed 8, Leadership
Amanda Holmquist aholmquist@pausd.org 856-5188 x6106 Teacher Phys Ed 7, 8


Physical Education consists of a program of activities that are designed to develop good basic motor skills, physical fitness, nutrition, and fundamental movement patterns.  Emphasis is placed on the importance of positive sportsmanship and cooperation, including respect for one another.  Students are provided an introductory exposure to a wide variety of activities, including team sports, individual and dual sports, rhythms and aquatics.


Extension Activities

The Middle School Athletics Program is run by the City of Palo Alto's Community Services Department with the support of the Palo Alto Unified School District. The MSA program's mission is to provide a safe and positive after-school environment where students can take pride in representing their school in league play.