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Alfred Berghout

Teacher - Science, Marine Biology

Noel Berghout

Teacher - Career & Tech Educat, Family and Consumer Science

Margaret Billin

Teacher - Visual & Perform Art, Band

Erik Bowman

Teacher - Visual & Perform Art, Art

Elizabeth Darby

Teacher - 6th Grade Wheel,Teacher - Mindfulness Coach,Teacher - Tosa, Communications

Tracy Devers

Teacher - World Languages, Spanish

Mark Dungan

Teacher - Visual & Perform Art, Band

Elizabeth Fee

Teacher - Math, Money Matters

Angelina Fitzhugh

Teacher - BTSA,Teacher - Visual & Perform Art, Choir

Andrea Gruner

Teacher - World Languages, Spanish

Jacqueline Kandell

Teacher - ELD,Teacher - World Languages, French, Intervention

Julia Lee

Teacher - Career & Tech Educat,Teacher - Tosa, Video Production, Multimedia Art

Valerie Lee

Teacher - Visual & Perform Art
6, 7, 8

Christopher Mahle

Teacher - Career & Tech Educat,Teacher - Visual & Perform Art, Drama

Kari Nygaard

Teacher - English, Creative Writing

Alexander Salzmann

Teacher - Career & Tech Educat,Teacher - TOSA, Design & Technology Studio, TOSA (Technology)

James Sperry

Teacher - Career & Tech Educat, Industrial Technology

Maureen Willis

Teacher - Career & Tech Educat, Computers

6th Grade Exploratory Wheel/PE/Music

Sixth grade students leave their core teachers for two periods per day.  During these two periods, students fulfill the required Physical Education requirements from the state and explore the rich elective program here at JLS.

Exploratory Wheel: During one period, 6th-grade students sample courses in each of these areas, rotating through in five week blocks: Industrial Technology, Drama, Language Transfer, Computer Applications, Art, and Home Economics.

Physical Education/Music: During one period, 6th grade students split their time between Physical Education and Music. The choices in Music include Beginning Woodwinds and Brass, Choir, and continuing instruction in String Orchestra or Band. Students are encouraged to continue with the instrument they started in the 5th grade. In P.E., the students are exposed to a wide variety of activities with the focus on skill development.

7th and 8th Grade Electives

A wide range of elective courses is offered at JLS, both year-long and semester-long, to 7th and 8th graders. For descriptions of all the current offerings, see the course catalog.