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While students are not required to join clubs, we encourage them to do so! Clubs meet at various times and days. Most clubs run all year, but occasionally new clubs are offered. 

Early in the year, students receive a list of clubs to be offered. Students are encouraged to attend the Club Faire, and to sign up for the club of their choice during club time. If students express a desire for a particular club, we try to find a sponsor. Parents are encouraged to volunteer to sponsor a club.

Club Name Sponsor Name Meeting day(s) Time Location
Anime Ashley Lucey Wednesday Lunch 330
Basketball Ferolino Thursday Lunch Gym
Black Student Union Sid Haro Thursdays Lunch Conf Rm A
Book Worms Michael Ambrose TBD Lunch Library
Cartoons Kevin Lynch Thursday Lunch Rm 650
Chess Club LeeAnn Constant Wednesdays Lunch Rm 210
Classic Film Critics David Tomatis Tuesday and Thursday Lunch Rm 440
Computer Tech Club Maureen Willis Tuesday Lunch Rm 160
Debate Club Sue Duffek Tuesday Lunch Rm 240
Disney Pixar Club Jen Nevels Mondays Lunch Rm 820
Doctor Who Club Katie Schramm Wednesdays Lunch Rm 510
Dodgeball Club Amy Stock
Michelle Junod
Mondays Lunch Gym
Dungeons and Dragons Club Robin Ames Tuesdays Lunch Rm 630
Electric Car Club Miske / Booth WIP WIP Rm 80
Fantasy Football Club Joe Yribarren Thursday Lunch 12:30 Rm 400
Gaga Ball Club Katie Schramm Fridays Lunch Rm 510
Game of the Week Club Francisco Lacayo Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays Lunch Rm 720
GSA Club Mary Melnick Fridays Lunch Rm 620
Hamilton Club Kerri Jung Wednesdays Lunch Rm 810
Harry Potter N. Berghout
Wednesdays Lunch Rm 300
Japanese Anime club Diane Luu Thursday Lunch Rm 410
Japanese club Saki
Noriyo Ikeda
Wednesday Lunch Rm 220
Jr. Thespians (Drama club) Chris Mahle Thursdays Lunch Rm 130
Knowledge Bowl Michael Ambrose
Mel Froli
Every other Monday Lunch Library
Latino Club Sid Haro Tuesdays Lunch Rm 360
Marvel Movie Club Monica Clark Wednesday Lunch Rm 460
Math Madness Joe Yribarren TBD    
Merlin Club Kim Lohse Friday Lunch Rm 1120
Model UN David Tomatis Mondays After school Rm 440
MTG Club Erik Bowman TBD Lunch Rm 70
Random Pages Club Jim Meininger Thursday Lunch Rm 430
Robin Hood Club Kim Lohse Monday Lunch Rm 1120
Robotics Club Alex Salzman Wednesday Lunch Rm 113
Soccer Arvind Arya Friday Lunch FIELD
Star Wars Club Darren Torre Wednesdays