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Q. When and where are the school dances held?
A. JLS will host dances on Fridays several times throughout the year. The dances will be held in the Cafetorium.

Q. Do I have to dance?
A. For students who want to attend but don't want to be on the dance floor the entire time, the breezeway is made available (and secure) for students to take a break, use the photo booth (when available), play some board games, and just hang out together. There is something for everyone at the dance!

Q. When and where can I buy tickets?
A. Lunchtime starting at 12:35PM, Monday through Friday, and after school Thursday and Friday during the week of the dance at the Student Store. Tickets cannot be purchased at the dance. Tickets are $5.00 each and you must have a Student ID to purchase a ticket.

Q. What time does the dance start and end?
A. Doors open at 6:50pm. Dances begin 7:00pm and end at 9:30pm.

Q. What if I arrive late or need to leave early?
A. Doors close at 7:30pm. Late entries are only allowed with prior approval. Permission must be Granted from Mr. Harris, an administrator or counselor if you need to leave early. A parent/guardian must meet the student at the door. There is no re-entry.

Q. What do I need to bring to the dance?
A. Students must present their ticket and Student ID to enter the dance. Bring some cash if you plan to buy food items.

Q. What’s the dress code and technology policy for dances and school events?
A. For all school sponsored events: school dress code is enforced at the dance, as during the school day. There is a "no cell phone" policy. Leave your cell phone at home. Otherwise, it needs to be checked in at the coat check. Any student who needs to make a phone call may do so with a school phone or a chaperone's cell phone.

Q. What prevents me from attending a school dance/event?
A. In between dances/events: Ten tardies, two discipline referrals, one suspension, library obligations, missing textbooks from previous years, other fines/outstanding fees, any truancy (cutting class) and/or poor behavior at previous dance/event.

Q. Are there any snacks or drinks at the dance?
A. Yes, snacks and food, such as chips, pizza, crackers, candy, water and soda are sold, so bring cash if you would like to purchase food items.