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Meal Service

Paying for Meals

  1. Cash Method - Students pay with cash at time of purchase.
  2. Account Method - Money is deducted from a student's account each time a purchase is made, provided there is sufficient fund in the account. (Every student has a lunch account. It is simply his/her name or PAUSD student ID#.) Students enter their pin number in a pin pad located next to the cash register and the purchase amount is deducted from their accounts. For your student's pin number, please email or call 650-329-3806.
    ​Ways to Deposit Money into Accounts:
  • Give cash or checks (payable to PAUSD) to your student's school office or cafeteria.
  • Mail a check to Student Nutrition Services at 25 Churchill Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94306. Please make sure you write your student's name or ID # on the check.
  • Open an account at and charge to your credit card. There is a $3 fee per transaction for this service.

We highly recommend parents to open an account. In addition to being able to make deposits online, you will be able to view your student's lunch activities and balance. There is NO FEE to open an account.

For questions about meal plans, contact Food Services at or (650) 329-3806. Also, feel free to visit the district Meal Plan page.